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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Game of war and fire age free download APK

if you lead massive into armies into epic battles against drangs, monsters and the players from around you and the globe into the most addicting

1 ;bulid and customiza your empir
2;chose your rle
3;you are the builder of the game
4;a solider and leader ? and you will be diecid
5;trian and level up and you will start the level of the game
6;and deck out your heroes
7;the wepans to rise above the competition
8;if you lead into action packed battles on the stunning word map
9;you chat and play with millions players  in www 30 different languages
in really time
10; all the allinces with players to conqure enemies and become the most power ful allinces in the kindom
11;destroy your enemies and complete  the level
12;and you are the king of the kingdom

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free download

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