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Saturday, 22 April 2017

GAGA latest version for free download APK

GAGA is new international software or app. this app is multiple translation languages English and Chains language in this app we share videos , Image ,texts etc to over family or friends . We also chat in groups  allowing you to link across language barriers and if you say hi to the world english  anytime anywhere!  Then the GAGA app change which language the receiver understand  Whether you are saying in china Nihow, Urdu kiya hal hai,or British howare you , just come to this bowl, where you can play well, and become th
1. Encounter: GaGa users spread over more than 180 countries and regions, here you can encounter German handsome, US spice girls, Korea guys, Japan cute girls and other exotic friends, and communicate without language barriers, as well as understand the culture around the world, widen the horizon, enrich experience, develop global view, and communicate with the whole world.

2. Translation: many -language brainy prompt translation, backup online brainy translation for 8 languages and extra Modern Chinese, which contain English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and so on. Communicate thru language barriers, and chat with worldwide friends easily and unlimitedly anytime anyplace.

3. Feeds: If you want to mobile away, study overseas or settle, you can ask your friends here for help. Then your friends are helping you then your problem will be solved
4. Group: Gaga makes your friend circle global. Wisdom English, being a rambler, studying abroad, settling or making friends with strangers, it is so easy!

5. Video: GAGA dded video chatting function. You can take photos freely, top what you want, share novel humorous odd short videos to top every second in your life. Shooting videos and display them, you can also add peppy music to your videos. International live videos and clandestine beauty video chat are all here!
6Gaga also consider instant human been translation  system.they makes international users to communited with out language problems  
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