Question Papers – VTU 1.5 Free Download APK

by - June 01, 2017

Question Papers – VTU 1.5 Free Download
Hello friends today I published new app for especially for student. This app is specially designed for VTA Karnataka, and in India planning to extant to other university. All student should be peppering for best university of India, in this app all type of papers are available al UNI of India. This app will be designed android latest app lollipop has been designed to combined in to order to provide UI  skills you can view or print this paper print or view test papers from the app. . You can download, all university question paper are available. It is easy way for student they don’t west their time. Because time and time cannot wait for another’s Courses Covered: VTU - Bachelor of Engineering (Largest Collection available online!). VTU M.B.A. (Largest Collection available online!)VTU Match (Just started uploading) Question Papers - VTU app is the best way to refer previous year question papers during exam times. It avoids wastage of time and helps quick view of Test papers. 
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All these papers are arranged aesthetically in the most structured manner for easy access.

Courses Covered:
1. VTU - Bachelor of Engineering (Largest Collection available online!)
2. VTU M.B.A. (Largest Collection available online!)
3. VTU M.Tech (Just started uploading)

Some facts of the app as of 25-Nov-2016:
Total Available QP's : 2793 (100 QP's added this week)
Total Downloads of the app : 20000
Total App Rating : 3.8

We update Question papers weekly and also when they are available with us. Every update of Question Papers will intimated through notification! (First of its kind in Question Papers apps)

So if you have question papers please do send to us at Contribute to the app to make it as your one stop destination for Question papers for your reference!

Consider sharing Question papers you have so that your Juniors will get benefited and its benefit for you as well since your seniors can contribute to the app in similar ways!
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