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Gamini Apk 1.1.3 latest Version

Gemini 1.1.3 APK latest version free download. Gemini is one of the best Android app. Gamini App is a fun and fun entertaining gaming entertaining game for the XD Network Design for spical Android smart phones and Tablets , whis is relesead in google play for $4.00 a will ago we decided as aways wepresent the presence of yourgame lovers . but we published this app for all android user to free , you can easily download this app free , you can not pay . click on the given link and download free app. 

As noted in the post title, Gemini invites you to a journey to star with the stars and entertain a minimalist environment! According to the builder, the game’s been built for 3 years, and the goal was to create a special game with different gameplay! Now put your headphones on your sticks, install and play Gemini on your device and enter a different world! A world in which you control and control two stars in your hands and you must strive to fly! The two stars are dependent on each other and can fly together and do nothing without each other! Can you guide the two to reach their goal of reaching the desert ?! The charming and lovely music along with the minimalist environment will give you a different experience of fun games, and if you’re a fan of certain games, Gemini will undoubtedly draw your attention, which is now full of its own, Watch the gameplay trailer and finally download it in one click from the high. The Gamini game has never been sold by the time we are introducing it nd by downloading it from Farsi  you will be the first gobale user to experience it featueres of the Gamini Game can designed for every one  with simple and intuitive control. Gamini has two single and duble modes, which after completing  singler player mode are player by two and in gernal it s a good bulid come releeased. in Gamine we play two side single and duble player are played this app supportes allandroid smart phone and tablets

Feature OF Gamini APK

The Gemini game has never been sold by the time we’re introducing it and by downloading it from Farsi, you will be the first global user to experience it! Features of the Gemini game can be designed for everyone with simple and intuitive controls; two single and double modes, which, after completing single-player mode, are played by two, and in general, it’s a good build. ! Come along with us …
* Released first version of the game on Google Play – The first release in Iran.
Instructions for installing and executing the game:
– Download and install the installation file first.
Download the data file and unzip it. Com.xd folder . Copy to your Android / obb device’s internal storage.
– Finally, run the game.

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