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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Back Button with out root android version free download apk

back button appelction is a grate app for all andorid i published /share new app .that is back button.if any one brock the mobile/if the back keys are not work .then you install this app on your mobile then your mobile wil be wark. same work .the soft key of the back button it dos not require root.the floating button and navigation bar are displayed
the home button notification bar are dosplayed.all the display button are selected.the button can be change /and they chang their position if we lock there position then they can not change their position.
widget supports operation only a ;colck abd battery;.
if you download back button,please turn oN 'Back button: serivice from 'setting >ACCESSUBULITY option .
does not try to collect terminal data this app
network communication permission ot requored this app is safe
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about the back botton
1 soft key of the back button.
2 it work does not require root.
3 the floating button and the navigation bar are displayed
4 the home button and notification bar can be displayed .
5 all the displayed button can be selected
6 all the button or widget can move in log push
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