Tattoo Master 1.5 free download APK

Hello my friends today I publish new android app which is tattoo game this game is very interesting. In this game we crate to pick the right tattoos for over customer and go creative with various colors .   My friend loves this game she was like you still have that game I was like what game I said that tattoo game she like that game I said you like that game she was like yes Love tattoo? Originated play Tattoo Principal, the game for the tattooing infatuated! Tattoo Master is the No.1 tattoo maker and coloring game on this game you will enjoyed yourself. We can play different levels such as different phase’s different picture. You will simple or easily to color choose or select your palter and top to color more than fifty 50 + unique tattoo designed and more are upcoming. In this app there are different tattoos main each tattoo are totally different from each other. I think this is the perfect game I love tattoo I always wane make. Because it is one of the best app of all android app. Love tattoo? Come play Tattoo Master, the game for the tattooing obsessed! Tattoo Master is the No.1 tattoo maker and coloring game on Android.

Pick the right tattoos for your customers and go creative with various colors. Experience the tension and excitement of making perfect tattoos and get recognized for your coloring style! You can also try new tattoo designs on your own photos without any pain, without any ink on your body! Share your tattoo effect and let your friends think that you are really tattooed!

Game Features:
- Easy to color: simply choose your palette and tap to color
- 80+ unique tattoo designs and more to come
- Tattoo your own photo and share your work with whoever you want
file  size 13.7 MB
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