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Funny Voice APK For Android & IOS

App info
File name Funny Voice
APK size 7.5MB
Current version 1.0.3
Update April 15,  2019
Required Android 5.0 to up

 Description About Funny Voice 

Record your voice and change it into robot, animation, anime saints, female and child impact. It is an ideal voice editorial manager and voice channel for you.

☆ Character voice changer: There are fanatsy voice impacts for you to pick.
☆ Voice Recorder: Record sound and apply impact on it.
☆ Voice Disguiser: List a recommendation of the most acclaimed character catchphrase for better voice acting.
☆ Save and offer the astounding voice to your companions. You will awe your companions.
☆ Set the made sound as ringtone or warning.
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Photography Classes APK For Android

app info

File Name
Photography Classes
APK size
Published Date
Aug 08, 2018
Current version
Android  2.3.3-2.3.7 to up
Update date
Aug 08, 2018
MD5 Hash of the App
MD5 Hash of the cert

The portrayal of Photography Classes

The better involvement to take better photographs in only a solitary short. There are the application Photography Classes APK has been given and gave to download allowed to all the good Android OS variants. In this application, the Ace and best instructional exercises to take better and appealing photographs in the least difficult way. Highlighted instructional exercises, better understanding, basic traps, flawlessly outlined, simple to utilize, cool guidelines and significantly more. You haven't utilized such application previously and today we are giving the refreshed APK of Photography Classes for Android. It advances simple to take better photographs especially. Consummately planned and it will share the better guidelines to take better and wonderful photographs ever. Photography Classes will assist you with becoming a superior and best class picture taker. Download the application APK now and introduce it to perceive how to take better photographs to speak to your photography encounter? most straightforward path ever to catch photographs. Astonishing and cool photography recordings with high determination and the clarification about taking the best photograph ever. Read more key focuses to get more data about this Photography Classes.

Highlights of Photography Classes:

  • Catch vital minutes.
  • Take vital shots.
  • The tenets of photography.
  • Physically uncover shade speed.
  • Simple and snappier. Catch your occasions in the state of recordings and photographs.
  • Foundation photography tips.
  • Take best and better selfies.
  • Make your telephone camera as DSLR.

Download the Photography Classes now and figure out how to take better photographs on various events of occasions and that's just the beginning.
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vid mate Video downloder apk free

\\]this is the best viamade HD downloader video guide wish is a free  tutorial applicaton with photes and text about the popular music ,video and movies downloder application .we made this APP only as a Free Fun APP

vitmate HD download guide is a tutriol applaction for the best and new music video and movee\s dowLOnder Vid mare used for vldeo downlader android Phone and smart phone
This is NOT an Official Guide.  this App only as a helping app, only for those who wants to enjoy the Vitmate and video. Get our free reference Vidmaie downloader guide application it is easy, simple and totally for free use.
- If there is any trademark or copyright violation that does not follow within the Fair Use, please contact us and we will immediately take action on it.

downloade free

Meta Trade 4 APK and IOS

 About the application or Meta trade 4

File name
Meta trade 5
Apk size
Support to android
4.0 and up

Description  About the application or Meta trade 4

Meta trade 4 is one of the best app of android. This app is special design for all android devices, android Smartphones and tablets, meta trade is popular mobile trading which you can find the stock value of the market. This app provided you to forex fingers or symbol , cdf and stock market.

· Trade is financial mechanism like CDF, forex symbols, futures, alternative and stocks for your Smartphone’s or tables. Meta trader 4 is a platform for mobile online trading on forex and stock market. this app allows you to connect to agents or brokers, market value, receive stock price, currency quotes, servers, and analyze financial this tram used chart and technical indicators. you can easly view the history of your treading operations. this us always free and available anywhere in the world. Trade 4 app is special design for android smart phone and tablets. this is PC app but android provide this app for his  users. Trade is basically a trading app which provided you to latest features, such as you can online trading on the forex and stock market, u can easily check the value of the market. this application allows you to connect dealer servers, who provided you to stock prices and currency quotes. it can be funding you to full set of trade orders, including pending orders . Sound notification Customizable chart and colures method or scheme .Easily switch  between finical instrument on charts. Trade levels, pending trade orders and new trade orders. free finical news
·         unique time quotes and instruments
·         Complete set of orders like which including preives or pinding orders nad new orders/ trade orders
·         all kind of trade implementation full detailed treading history
methodical analysis
·         zoom and scroll options
·         30 most popular technical
·         24 analytical objects: lines, channels, geometric shapes, as well as Gann, Fibonacci and Elliott tools
·         9 timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN
·         3 types of charts: bars, Japanese candlesticks and broken line
·         free download
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Gamini Apk 1.1.3 latest Version

Description About The Gamini 

Gemini 1.1.3 APK latest version free download. Gemini is one of the best Android app. Gamini App is a fun and fun entertaining gaming entertaining game for the XD Network Design for spical Android smart phones and Tablets , whis is relesead in google play for $4.00 a will ago we decided as aways wepresent the presence of yourgame lovers . but we published this app for all android user to free , you can easily download this app free , you can not pay . click on the given link and download free app. 

As noted in the post title, Gemini invites you to a journey to star with the stars and entertain a minimalist environment! According to the builder, the game’s been built for 3 years, and the goal was to create a special game with different gameplay! Now put your headphones on your sticks, install and play Gemini on your device and enter a different world! A world in which you control and control two stars in your hands and you must strive to fly! The two stars are dependent on each other and can fly together and do nothing without each other! Can you guide the two to reach their goal of reaching the desert ?! The charming and lovely music along with the minimalist environment will give you a different experience of fun games, and if you’re a fan of certain games, Gemini will undoubtedly draw your attention, which is now full of its own, Watch the gameplay trailer and finally download it in one click from the high. The Gamini game has never been sold by the time we are introducing it nd by downloading it from Farsi  you will be the first gobale user to experience it featueres of the Gamini Game can designed for every one  with simple and intuitive control. Gamini has two single and duble modes, which after completing  singler player mode are player by two and in gernal it s a good bulid come releeased. in Gamine we play two side single and duble player are played this app supportes allandroid smart phone and tablets

Feature OF Gamini APK

The Gemini game has never been sold by the time we’re introducing it and by downloading it from Farsi, you will be the first global user to experience it! Features of the Gemini game can be designed for everyone with simple and intuitive controls; two single and double modes, which, after completing single-player mode, are played by two, and in general, it’s a good build. ! Come along with us …
* Released first version of the game on Google Play – The first release in Iran.
Instructions for installing and executing the game:
– Download and install the installation file first.
Download the data file and unzip it. Com.xd folder . Copy to your Android / obb device’s internal storage.
– Finally, run the game.

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Microsoft Word APK V 16.0.8528 Version Free Download

Microsoft is the biggest Giant of Silicon Valley, either you know Microsoft or not, but you would definitely have known the Windows. Windows is the OS developed and launched by the Microsoft, and Microsoft Word is the product of this corporation to make your word files, and presentations look great. Every file you create to save your data, you would have created in Microsoft Word, every presentation you make, and it would be in Microsoft PowerPoint. Every charge sheet you create, it would be in Microsoft Excel. So, that was the little story regarding MS office, it was all on Desktop, you were only able to use these services on Desktop, not on the mobile phone. But, now you can use all these software, features on your mobile phone.

By the time, Microsoft has known that the users in the near future will be only from a mobile phone, smartphones, and tablets. So, they worked hard and launched the application for mobile phones. These all services now are available on phone, just tap the download button and get Microsoft Word APK format from the link below. Before this, excel and PowerPoint were difficult to use even after launching all these for mobile phones. But, now with some new version, Microsoft makes it possible for the users, to use these without of any more interruptions and delay. The extensive design of Microsoft Word APK has mad the application easy to use and the core of the heart. The reach and use of the application have increased; people are the new interface of the Microsoft Word APK has blown the minds of the people. Now, either you are traveling, or visiting someone, do not have access to your Window PC, can gain the software on your mobile phone, can do your daily work, can create the presentations, can work on Microsoft Excel and much more. You would be wondering how all the tools which were in detailed form can be fit on the mobile phone screen. That is the real work done by the Microsoft, all the features, tools, ribbon; tables have been added smartly by the officials of the Microsoft. I myself was amazed by the real hard work of the Microsoft members. Have a jump towards your work, create assignments, letters, blogs, scripts, notes, resumes, presentations, mold the designs into templates and do your assignments in the blinking of the eyes. Make perfect documents, either you are an article writer, or a blog writer, even the columnist; a journalist can do their work confidently by using Microsoft Word APK. Even can use the cloud with that efficiency and quickness as you used to do on your desktop computers, moving to the mobile phone will be like moving to the office as of now for you. Even you can comment down on a text, if you are working as a team, can see all the comments, reply to the comments and share your views. Share the pdf format files, click on the documents and change the formats of the files within seconds. Tap the download button below, and download Microsoft Word APK. If the link below is not working or showing any error, please mention it in the comment section, so that our team can fix the issues as soon as possible.
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TutuApp APK 2.2.32 Latest Version Free Download

Hello friends to day I publish new app for all android user this app is sepicel designed for android phones and tablet .tutuapp is one of the best app android .this is actually app store \. in this app we found all android app. which is totally free download. Tutuapp is like a play store in this app every app is free. you will download app free. download all new and latest version of games are free download. this is best platform for android user who used android phones this app guide can be used for all of those who are interested and install Tutuapp APK for android ,iso and on PC learn how to use it with Pokémon what is tutuapp and its all information about it. if you need any game and app then you will research is over . and you will download this app. this app access to premium apps. all of the barriers that have been placed between yu and game that you seek are finally over. and your finally app will we download free TUTUApp is instrumental in helping Smartphone users to learn more about how to handle their phone. By utilizing all of the additional tools that this app has to offer, you now have the ability to get the absolute most out of your Smartphone pn this app we used additional tools for run this app this is one of the best app. This will allow the user to manually install the applications on his/her Android smart phones. Now, coming back to the process, you will now follow this last set of steps to complete the whole process: this is one of the best app
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Make sure your PC or MAC has at least 2GB of Ram.
Also, there should be free at least 2GB Hard disk free.
Read the whole article and do not skip any steps.
A mentioned above you need to download an Android emulator. So, the best choice is download the Bluestacks software. Download Bluestacks
Download also Tutuapp APK on your PC.
The biggest thing is that it offers all apps in it for free.
Feature of this app
1 The TuTuApp APK itself is free and does not involve any sign-up or account handlings. This increases the privacy and security of one’s accounts.
2 It provides games, apps, themes, and other Software tools to its users.
3 Uniquely, the app also allows its users to transfer the apps and other data from one device to another. It is a multi-use app, in this sense where the data transfer feature adds an extra star for the app.
4 For the transfer process, it does not require internet connection hence saves data for this. It works on WiFi connections for the transfer process like in SHAREit App and Xender.
Furthermore, the application supports junk cleaning tool for your smartphone cache. Any unnecessary files in temporary storage resulting into system lags can be cleared using the                      4 TuTuApp for Android. The user can clean up application memory which also inhibits the RAM of the device.
5 Additionally, developers have made this app in such manner as it has a battery management tool in it. The use of the app is precise and hence, the developers have incorporated this tool to save the users battery power.
Download & Install Tutuapp APK on Android
So, if you are searching to download Tutuapp instead of AppVn APK for your Android device then you are in the right place. You can download the latest TUTUApp APK version 2.2.32 from the download button from below.

We regularly update this post with the latest version of TutuApp APK, so you can bookmark this page to download the APK file as soon as it is released from its developers.

11 Version: 2.2.32

12 Updated: 9th April 2017

13 File size: 6.63 MB (6,959,716 bytes)

Now, you need to enable unknown sources on your Android phone otherwise you won’t be able to install the application. This operation can be performed by going to Settings->Security or Settings and from there check the Unknown Sources box.